A queer Asian-Canadian

video artist in Berlin


selected videos

In Transit

Germany 2013 | English | 6:33



A poetic meditation on friendship and ageing, using spoken word and found footage.



Germany 2011 | German | 5:38



A gay man speaks about his body image and growing older in the age of the internet.

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The Comfort Window

Germany 2010 | French | 6:34



An intimate portrait of a young man speaking candidly about his desire for

Asian men.


Asian Boyfriend

Germany 2006 | English | 1:00



If you’re in the market for a new

lover, why not get your very own

Asian Boyfriend™!

Miss Popularity

Germany 2006 | English & German | 6:20



A gay man uses archival footage to describe how he juggles the demands of multiple relationships.


Shan Xia Di: Under the Mountain

Canada/Germany 2004
English & Shanghainese | 39:51



A Chinese-Canadian grandson mixes travelogue, family history, and personal reflections as he visits the ancestral village for the first time.


My German Boyfriend

Canada/Germany 2004 | English & German | 18:29



A gay Chinese-Canadian encounters ethnic stereotypes as he seeks his ideal boyfriend in Berlin. A comedy about mistaken cultural identities, a diary of immigrant isolation, and a love letter to a boyfriend who might have been.


1000 Cumshots

Canada/Germany 2003 | English | 1:00



A fast-paced meditation on race and

gay pornography.

by request only

My Heart the Travel Agent

Canada/Germany 2002 | English | 1:30



A dream about subways and foreign boyfriends, part of My Heart Series III.

Chopstick Bloody Chopstick

co-directed with Shawn Durr

Canada 2001 | English | 14:19



A string of dead boyfriends and a pair of blood-stained chopsticks. Is the culprit our neurotic narrator or his mysterious new Asian boyfriend?


Field Guide to Western Wildflowers

Canada 2000 | English | 5:33



The first Asian kiss: fantasizing about it, talking about it, doing it. A lush, multilayered video featuring sixty-three men in one long kiss.


Davie Street Blues

Canada 1999 | Cantonese | 12:32



After his boyfriend leaves, a young man is lost in nostalgia and depression, until a mute streetkid tries to distract him from his melancholy. A moody and romantic homage to the film noir of Hong Kong director Wong Kar-Wai.


Search Engine

Canada 1999 | English | 4:09



A gay Asian uses technology to remember boyfriends past, in the search for boyfriends future.



Canada 1999 | English | 4:47



A poetic exploration of one man’s fall from grace, as he becomes disillusioned with gay ideals of desire.


The Queen’s Cantonese

Canada 1998
English & Cantonese | 10:48 + 9:46 + 12:10



In three easy lessons, you’ll learn many Cantonese phrases that are useful in a gay bar, a cruising park, and a bathhouse. These three self-contained episodes can be viewed as a single video or as a recurring serial in a program of shorts.


Surfer Dick

Canada 1996 | English | 0:51



A dance video with drag queens, surfer music, and Scrabble geeks. A parody of gender roles both queer and straight, in a fast-paced multilayered mix.


Lotus Sisters

Canada 1996 | English | 4:59



Two young gay Asians banter about the

West Coast queer Asian experience.


One Night in Heaven

Canada 1995 | English | 5:56



Images and words clash as a young Asian man, new in town, encounters the dark side of the big city.


Peter Fucking Wayne Fucking Peter

Canada 1994 | English | 4:31



A queer love letter using poetry and sexual imagery to describe the romantic tensions caused by differences in age, race, and HIV status.

by request only

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